Goblin Castle

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What's happened so far [retcon]

After our last adventure, I’m going to have to retcon a few items.

1) The Wartroll is an Ogre.

2) The Ogre is an idiot.

3) The Ogre thinks his mission is make-believe, a fun game.

4) The Ogre is a War Hulk.

One of our players might choose Wartroll, and is not believable to have two of them in such an obscure area who do not know each other.

Now for the good news! I am adding two new knowledge skills!

The first is a class skill for: Fighter, Rogue, Monk, Ranger. Knowledge (Combat Tactics) (Int) provides insight bonuses during combat. The DC’s to decipher combat styles are as follows:

Identifying a combat tactic gives you an understand on the specific patterns and techniques utilized in its attacks and defense, allowing you to exploit relative vulnerabilities

10 Combat tactic (Untrained combatants, primary casters, animals, warriors, (very low level humanoid/goblinoids) 15 Uncommon combat tactic (Trained combatants, most encounters) 20 Identifying an exclusive Combat Tactic (Racial, prestige class, advanced feats) 25 Identifying an unique Combat Tactic

For a familiar combat style, you gain a +5 bonus to your identification check. For an unfamiliar combat tactic, you take a -5 penalty to your identification check. For a combat tactic you are aware of, but have no working knowledge of, you take a -10 to your identification check. You cannot identify a unique combat tactic you have no previous knowledge of; if you have no previous knowledge of any other combat tactic, take a -15 penalty on your identification check.

After the first encounter with an unknown unique style, you automatically become aware of it. A successful identification check increase your familiarity with a combat tactic. It takes one successful check to move from unknown to aware, two checks to move from aware from unfamiliar, and five checks to move from unfamiliar to familiar.

Once a style is identified;

10+BAB Gain +2 insight bonus against being tripped, disarmed, or grappled. 10+BAB Gain +2 insight bonus to trip, disarm, or grapple. 10+BAB Identify target’s class and combat school. 15+BAB Reduce enemy’s critical range against you by 1. For each 5 points you exceed this check, reduce by an additional 1 (Maximum 3). You cannot reduce a target’s critical range beyond 20. 15 + Maneuver level Identify a given maneuver 15 + Caster level One enemy caster that you threaten cannot cast defensively. 20+BAB Identify all of target’s feats and maneuvers.

Retry: You may only make this check once per target per encounter. A successful check grants a +2 to Knowledge (Combat Tactics) checks against that target for 1 week.

The second skill is Knowledge (Fate) (Int), a class skill for warlocks, clerics, and bard.

The hand of fate moves in predictable ways. Knowledge of these patterns provides guidelines for future behavior. You may use (Knowledge Fate)in place of a reflex save a number of times per day equal to your HD/4, minimum 1.

Sample DC’s

10 Obvious cause and effect conclusions 15 Simple meta-gaming conclusions 20 Know instinctively which branch to take when the path forks. The DC increases by 5 for every additional path beyond the first (i.e. DC 25 for 3 paths, DC 30 for four paths, etc) 25 Gain a premonition about a future event 30 Learn whether a aingle action’s consequences are in total negative or positive 40 Spider Sense 50 Become aware of all the direct consequences of a single action


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